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Denali is six million acres of wild land, bisected by one ribbon of road. Travelers along it see the relatively low-elevation taiga forest give way to high alpine tundra and snowy mountains, culminating in North America's tallest peak, 20,320' Mount McKinley. Wild animals large and small roam unfenced lands, living as they have for ages. Solitude, tranquility and wilderness await.  Denali's singular 92-mile (148-kilometer) road leads visitors through its majestic valleys toward the towering Mount McKinley, the crown jewel of the park. On clear days, McKinley can be seen 70 miles (113 kilometers) to the southwest.

We disembarked from the Oosterdam in the town of Seward - a coastal port that is one of the main ports in Alaska.  There, we boarded a luxury coach for the 8-hour ride from Seward to Denali.  We stayed in the McKinley Chalet Resort - a gorgeous hotel about a mile from the Park's entrance.  NOTE - I included a link to their website if you want to check it out!

We saw some beautiful scenery on our coach voyage.  We stopped at a great restaurant for lunch.  We passed through the town where Sarah Palin currently lives!  (that was cool).   We looked, but no one saw her!  We continued our trek into the interior of Alaska and finally arrived in Alaska around 6 PM.

We spent two nights in Denali.  On the day after our first night, we took an 8-hour bus tour through the tundra into the depths of the park. There, we saw Moose, caribou, Dall sheep and even some bears!   It was a cool adventure.  The company provided snacks for us during this all-day trip.  It rained on-and-off, but that did not stop us from having a great time!  I have a lot of pictures to share about this excursion!

On July 28th, we boarded a gorgeous train - the McKinley Explorer - with its domed cars - for the trip to Anchorage.  That was an exciting experience that I will share more about in the next page!




We docked at Seward


View of the dock and ramp for disembarkation

Welcome to Seward!

This is a main port in Alaska

We say farewell to the Oosterdam!

Leaving dock - heading to Denali

In our coach heading to Denali

Distance to Whittier (NOT IN CA!!)

Nice to know accommodations were here!

Odd name for a road or place...

Glacier road coming up

Burr!  Glacier must be up there...

Well known rescue place in Alaska

We took Seward Hwy most of the way to Denali

It was a rainy drive (not heavy)

Cool name for a boulevard!

Gas in CA was about $3.90 at this time

Wasilla is where Sarah Palin lives today!!

OK - be alert!  Moose Crash Area ahead!

We could go to Fairbanks this way!

Denali Park - about 200 miles ahead!!!

Where we stopped for lunch

View of the restaurant/lodge

Well, look who is (or has been) here!!

Getting in line for lunch!!   Great food!

Wow - this guy must have everything!!

Weather is clearing up - no more rain!!!


First view of Denail

Cool plaque with great info!

Alaska Memorial - a stop-off for our coach


In memory of Alaska's military!!!

Denali Visitor Information


We crossed over this (gulp!)


Getting closer

Just outside the park


We have arrived!!!!!


Viewing a mountain in Denali

This river travels throughout the park

Entering the town


McKinley Chalet Resort (where we stayed)

One of the places to eat overlooking river

Our rooms were on ground floor in this bldg


Inside our room


Comfortable bed!  We slept well!

Pretty McKinley Chalet property

Information about the resort

Nice information about Alaska

Pam and Mary checking out cool husky!

Info on our tundra excursion

Starting our Tundra adventure!

Our first moose in the wild!



Inside TV monitor shows close up of animals!


Heading deeper into the tundra

We stopped at a Ranger booth who got on board
to talk about the park

Neat sign at the rest stop


Our first of many caribou sighting!!!


Bill, Pam and Mary at rest stop


Pam and Mary found what a moose lost!


Dick and Bill at the rest stop


Dick, Pam and Bill

A cool gift shop at this stop

Another pic of the gift shop


Our first bear sighting!!!


This guy was not afraid of us.....


Our second bear sighting!!!

Some more caribou

More caribou


Another picture of these two!

Dall sheep on the hillside

Another bear!


Back at McKinley Chalet near river








Holland America Video Clip of Denali