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Ketchikan is known as Alaska’s “first city” due to its location at the southern tip of the Inside Passage – it is the first city you reach as you cruise north, and for many visitors, their first introduction to the beauty and majesty of Alaska.  

They say that if you spend enough time in Ketchikan chances are good it will rain at least once. The average annual rainfall is 162 inches, but it has been known top 200 inches. Local residents call it ”liquid sunshine” and umbrellas are rarely used (but we carried ours!).   The weather looked a bit threatening - and the forecast was for some rain.  But it never materialized.

Rain or shine, the beauty of Ketchikan's setting is immediately apparent. The city is backed by forested slopes and distinctively shaped Deer Mountain and faces Tongass Narrows, a waterway humming with floatplanes, fishing boats, ferries and barges hauling freight to other Inside Passage ports.

Just 90 miles north of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Ketchikan hugs the bluffs that form the shoreline along the southwest corner of Revillagigedo Island. Stretching 31 miles long but never more than 10 blocks wide, Ketchikan is centered on Tongass Avenue. On one side of the avenue, many businesses and homes are built on stilts out over the water, while on the other side they cling to the steep slopes and often have winding wooden staircases leading to their doors.

In this city (as well as in the others we visited), there are many different excursions that can be taken to explore some interesting parts of the city and adjacent areas.  For the four of us, the choice was to go off-roading - known as an Adventure Kart Expedition!!!    We only had until 3:30 PM to get back on the ship (about 8 hours in port), so we headed off in the early morning by a van to the staging area about 40 minutes away from the ship for this excursion.  I have uploaded the brochure that talks about this great off-road adventure. Read it here!

I will be uploading some pictures and videos soon.  For now, here is a group shot of the group of us that went on this excursion.  We ended up at a waterfall.  The scenery was outstanding.  Weather was great - a fun time had by all!



Staging area for off-road karts

Getting our off-road gear!

Off we go!!!

Mary and Bill behind us

What a view from the trail!!!

Pam standing by our Kart!

What beautiful views on this ride!

Dick in mud-proof overalls!

Pam at the falls

On the trail

Ready to roll!

Snack break time!

Mary and Bill following up hill

Bill and Pam having snack break

Hmmm - time for a pit stop!

City Hall


Our shuttle van from boat to staging area


Ketchikan from our veranda on the boat

The group that took this excursion



Pam and I in our hotrod!  




On the road


Our first stop on the journey



Another stretch of the road



Yet another stretch of road