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FRANK LOGAN NORTON was born on July 28, 1877 in Oakland, California.  He died on May 9, 1965 in Long Beach, California and is buried at the Long Beach Forest Lawn.

FRANK married MINETTE OLIVE ELAM on February 16, 1899.  MINNETTE died in Long Beach in 1955.


FRANK and MINETTE OLIVE ELAM  had the following children:

Here is information on where Frank was buried. Agnes L. Norton, who is buried with Frank and Minette, was Frank's mother.




ED AKIBA NORTON was born on 11/12/1886, and died in Los Angeles on September 3, 1961.  Ed developed dementia late in life and eventually had to be admitted to a rest home.  He caught pneumonia and he could not recover.  Ed was buried at the Hollywood Cemetery.

He married RUBY CLAIRE LEIGH on September 17, 1913 in King.  RUBY was born on July 29, 1888 in Chicago, Illinois, and died in Los Angeles , CA on August 29, 1971 at the age of 83.  She passed away on account of kidney failure.  She is buried at the Hollywood Cemetery next to Ed.

They lived the latter (and large)  part of their lives in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles, at 921 Maltman Avenue.  It was a very nice home that overlooked a reservoir covered with foliage that made it into a beautiful park. 

Ed worked in sales for and retired from Rheem-Wedgewood.  They were well-known for their fine ovens and stoves.  He and Ruby enjoyed traveling, taking lots of Kodak slides to share their adventures with their family.

For a number of years, they owned a ranch in the Reseda area.  They had a number of walnut trees on the property.  Ed was a great craftsman - having a full shop of fine tools in the basement of their home.  He used his skills to make a machine that would crack open the walnuts, and separate the nuts from the shell.  It was something to watch! 

Ed also liked to make furniture.  Some of his pieces are still in use by his relatives today! 

This is their headstone at the Hollywood Cemetery:

Here is a pictorial representation of Ed and Ruby's generation. This also shows my connection with David Taylor (descended on RUBY NORTON (nee LEIGH).  David has been providing me with great information from his side of the larger family tree.  He and his family live near Lincoln, Nebraska.





ED and RUBY had two children:

ROBERT LEIGH NORTON was born  June 23, 1915 in Seattle, Washington, and died on August 26, 1974 in Santa Barbara.  Leigh (as he liked to be called) was an electronics genius.  He obtained a patent on some aspect of vacuum tubes, and formed a company called PENTA LABS.  He as also an avid amateur radio operator (W6CEM was his call sign, which today (under the vanity call sign FCC rules) has been assigned to his brother's son, Richard E. Norton, Jr.).

He was married to CECILIA JOAN DUNN (born on 10/6/1915, and died on 9/5/2001) on August 26, 1939. They lived for most of their lives in beautiful Montecito, California.  They had seven children:

This is an image of the gravestone marker for Liegh:

Here is a family tree diagram that may be helpful:

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RICHARD EDWIN NORTON was born on 2/23/1918 in Seattle, Washington, and died on 9/10/2002 in Arcadia, California of pneumonia at age 84.  

On June 19, 1942, he married to MARJORIE ELIZABETH KARNBACH (born September 29, 1921, and died on September 19, 2019 in Arcadia, California) due to complications of a stroke at age 97.  Marjorie was the daughter of Alexander Karnbach and Fern Taylor.  Richard and Marjorie lived at 4993 Vincent Avenue in Eagle Rock, California (a suburb of Los Angeles) for many years, then moved into a larger and very beautiful home in Pasadena, California in the mid-1970s.   Both Richard and Marjorie are buried in the Harmony Track at Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA.

RICHARD spent most of his childhood in Los Angeles, attending Belmont High School and UCLA, before he was drafted into the Army in World War II.  He spent part of his 5 years of military duty stateside, then was transferred to Manila in the Philippine Islands where he finished his tour of duty.  He received a field commission as a Second Lieutenant. 

When he got out of the army at the end of the war, he went to work for the Veterans Administration, and became the Registrar of the Veteran's Hospital in Brentwood (near West Los Angeles).  After spending a number of years there, he accepted a position with the Internal Revenue Service as a Program Analyst in the Examination Division in Los Angeles, CA.  He retired in 1979 from the IRS after almost 20 years in that agency.  RICHARD was honored to have received the Secretary of the Treasury award for his distinguished service with the IRS.   After retirement from the IRS, he studied for and received his realtor license, and pursued that career for a couple of years.  He left that vocation and accepted a position with Scudder, Stevens and Clark - an investment company - in downtown Los Angeles.  He worked there for five years, then finally retired.  Richard developed Parkinson's disease which did not manifest itself until around 1987.  It was pretty well controlled with medication.  He died in the Arcadia Methodist Hospital due to pneumonia.

MARJORIE spent her high school days in Los Angeles, also attending Belmont High School.   She worked for many years for Jantzen Corporation in their quality control division.  After leaving Jantzen, she spent over 30 years volunteering at the Methodist Hospital's medical library in Arcadia, CA through 2016.   She and Molly, her super-smart French poodle, lived in her beautiful home in Pasadena until she passed on September 19, 2019 at the Methodist Hospital in Arcadia, CA.  Until the time of her stroke on July 17, 2019, Marjorie had lived independently in her Pasadena, CA home.  She had successfully taken her CA written and behind-the-wheel test in December 2018 which made her among an elite group of ultra-senior citizens with valid CA driver's licenses!  In her later years, she drove her beautiful maroon 2006 Lincoln Town Car. 

This is an image of their headstone at Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA:


They had one child:




HARRY NORTON was born on 11/3/1891, and died in January 1981 (exact day unknown).  HARRY married MADELINE JENSEN on March 31, 1936 in Alameda, California.  They subsequently divorced, and Harry never remarried.   He and his sister, Helen, lived together in their beautiful home in Alameda, CA until their passing.


HARRY had no children.



HELEN THERESA NORTON was born on 12/30/1893 in San Bernardino, CA, and died on 9/18/1985 in Alameda, CA.  She lived most of her life in Alameda, California, and worked as a grammar school teacher in Alameda for many years.  HELEN never married.

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