Welcome to Norton's Winter Wonderland


We are sad to announce that we will NOT be running our original display

for 2021.   We are in the process of relocating to Santa Clarita and trying to

set up, operate and dismantle the predominantly mechanical display in Burbank would be

too much of a demand on us. Further, our family is now spread out and busy

with their own tasks and display activities which limits the help we normally receive

for set-up, tear-down, and daily operation.  Most of our large attractions have been given to

our two sons and daughter for their own displays.  We are pleased that they will

continue to operate and bring joy to those who see them!  When their displays are

completed, I will post links to the information as to where they can be seen.


We will be in transition for 2021 operating what is, in effect,  a hybrid display - meaning, it will

feature some of the former attractions  from our prior display with new electronic animated ones we

have added.   By next year, we hope to have the rest of the electronic animation completed. 

For this year,  we will still have our original Santa's Toy Shop with the animated elves

 - and we are planning on putting up Santa's Train Station (we have an electronic train

all ready to go!).  Our plan is to have it all automatically controlled by computer. 

We hope you will enjoy the display.




Thanks for stopping by our website!  Our 2020 Christmas Display has been a success!  Every night we have had hundreds of visitors - practicing safety measures like wearing masks.  We had had perfect weather as well.  We have not lost a single night's operation to rain - such an improvement over the 2019 Christmas season!!  As of this update (on the 26th), we have two (2) more nights of operation - and then on December 28th, we start the long process of dismantling and putting it away for another year!

We were not going to run it this year due to the pandemic and concern for visitors not being careful to socially distance themselves.  But so many neighbors and others via e-mail and texts told us that it was so important - especially for the kids - to celebrate as in the past.  2020 will be a year none of us will ever forget.  So many lives were lost, and millions suffered financial and other challenges.   Who could have predicted last New Year's Eve that 2020 would be so memorable (not in a good way....).

Well, we talked it over with our family, and we reversed our initial decision and we moved forward with our annual display.  Unfortunately, our eldest son had a terrible accident working on his display and shattered his wrist.  As a key participant in our annual put-up and take-down, it made the set-up of our display more challenging.  But with the help of family and friends, we were able to get it all up and operational.  We expected it to be fun and provide a lifting of spirits for all who attend - either in person or by virtual observation through our webcams.   Judging from the many comments in our guest book, I would suggest that we were successful in bringing joy and hope to many this holiday season!

OK - visitors always ask us about the history of our display, so let's chat for a moment about the prior displays.   We were going to launch our 2019 display on Friday, December 6th.  However, a storm hit that night and lasted through Sunday. Therefore, we could not begin operation until Monday, December 9th.  We did run the display on Thursday, December 5th for most all of the night just to try out all of the electronics.  Everything worked fine.    We were really looking forward to 2019's display - our 50th year of celebrating decorating our home for the community!

We started the 2018 display on November 2nd with putting up the house lights out front.  We discovered that some of our ice cycle lights bit the dust, and so we opted to replace them with newer LED warm white mini-lights.  They look great - brighter and of course, less power consumption!  We finished the roof lights on the 4th, got the big corner lot candy canes up, and new ropes for the yard are now in place.  Progress pictures are on the main page.

We finished this year in time to begin operation on DECEMBER 1ST, 2018!  This is the earliest we have been ready to run the display in years!  The weather turned out great (rain was forecast early in the week for Saturday, but it never materialized).

Here are highlights from last year's display.

We launched our 2017 display as planned on December 4th, and its last day of operation was December 27th.  On December 28th, our crew (consisting of our two sons, and granddaughter, Hannah) come over and helped Pam and I dismantle the display.  As of that evening, our front yard was bare, and only the roof and tree needed to be un-decorated. 

It was our most successful run in the 48 years we have been sharing the display! We had tons of visitors come by to check it out - thanks in part to the great news coverage by the LA Times interview.  We added some new items this year - wood characters, new lighted candles and candy canes, a cool Mickey Mouse animated lamp-post on the train station, new sound system for the holiday music, new twinkle globes at the top of the two tall tent poles, and other items.  Our two new neighbors who moved in during the fall also up decorations, and other homes came to life with their decorations.  The block looked great!  Only a few homes did not have any decorations. 

We only lost one night (12/20) when we were unable to run due to a brief rain shower.

We enjoy sharing a bit of history on this website. 

Our 2016 display opened on December 3rd, and its last night of operation was December 27th.  It was dismantled put back into its various storage areas in less than 3 days - a new Guinness record for us!   We hope you had an opportunity to enjoy it. 

In 2016, we had one of the most rain-free holiday periods in recent memory.  I think we lost only three nights out of the 24 the display was up!  Thanks to help from our sons and grandson, we were able to open the 2016 display on December 3rd - two days before our scheduled opening night!  We had one of our most trouble-free runs in 2016!  Considering all of the mechanical parts that make this display operate, that was really significant!! 

Our opening night for 2015 was as scheduled - December 5th!  The weather was great, and we had close to a thousand visitors during the course of the 3 1/2 hour run!  The display ran as planned through December 27, 2015.  It is now off and being dismantled until the 2016 Christmas Season arrives.

Our neighbor, Keith LaPrath who has the beautiful Winter Snowland display, was up and running as well in 2015.  With both of our displays in full operation, it was treat for folks to visit our block. The webcams were active as well, but are now off. 

Keith took 2016 off, and is not decorating for 2017. 

We started early for 2015 - our  first item was been put out on display for Halloween (to support a scary animated spider!) - the two 20' bright-red tent poles that support the tent lights and Snoopy's Bi-plane!   They went up in mid-October!   W0w - an early start for 2015.  Actually, the tent poles do double-duty.  They support a HUGE animated spider that we put up for Halloween (along with other decorations).   The ice cycles went up in October as well. We have pictures of the construction of our 2015 display.  We will include pictures of our completed display on the website.  The webcams are now running so folks can follow the action regardless of where they live.  Of course - there is no substitute for seeing it in person!  If you missed it this year, well - 2015's display is just a few days away!!

We love sharing the history of the display.  The story of our 2014 (as well as all prior displays) are on the website.  2014 was a great year for running - very little rain.

We hope that when you do come to visit the display, that you allow time to park the car and spend some time strolling by the displays.  There is a lot of detail and animation that will be missed if you just do a drive-by. Also - we have webcams set up so you can call your family or friends on your cell phone, give them our website address, and they will be able to see and hear you LIVE as you wish them a Merry Christmas from Burbank! 

We are going to dispense with our annual printed paper guest log due to concerns about the virus.  Instead, we set up an online book where visitors can leave their comments.  We will have Santa's mail box  for your children to drop off their letters to Santa.  Santa picks up his mail every night at midnight! It will be handled very carefully.

If parking on the street is a challenge, you can usually park on Clark Street or Verdugo Avenue, or on Florence Street just north of Clark Street and walk a short distance to the display.    

A word about weather - we cannot operate the display if rain is expected (or actually falling), or in very high winds (as we have experienced occasionally in the past).  So - if you are going to be traveling some distance to see the displays on Florence or elsewhere in the City of Burbank, please check the weather forecast before heading out to Burbank.  The webcams are always on when the display is operational.  That is a good way to tell if the display is running - check the web cam!

Also - remember that the operating hours are 6-9 PM.  We do run a bit longer on Friday and Saturday nights (typically to 9:15-9:30).  We stick to this schedule as a courtesy to our neighbors.  One neighbor has school-age children and the display totally lights up the inside of  their house!  Another neighbor rises very early in the morning for work.  We must respect their need for peace and quiet (meaning no bright lights and music!) on weekdays and weekends. 

We have had visitors in the past drive some distance to view the display - arriving here at 10 PM or later!  Sorry folks - once the computer shuts it down, we cannot turn it back on without a lot of work to manually bypass the system.  Plus, we would be waking up the neighbors to fire it up so late at night.  So - please - leave your home or work early enough to allow sufficient time to park the car and stroll by our display and the other displays on the block.  It is worth the trip to Burbank!   

Most importantly for 2020 - please - socially distance from other guests on the sidewalk!!!   Please wear your masks at all times as a means of additional protection. 

Click on the ENTER SITE button below to access the main page with the hyperlinks to other pages on this site to enjoy pictures, videos and information about the history of the display.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Nortons!



Updated: 11/19/21