Donation Page

Thank you for offering to help us defray the costs we incur in creating and running our annual holiday display.  We expect fewer visitors on the sidewalk this year due to the pandemic - and that is totally understood.  We want everyone to stay healthy and well through this holiday season.   Fewer sidewalk visitors will mean fewer donations than we received in the past which helped cover the costs.  So, any small contribution to help us with January's power bill and other costs is deeply appreciated!!

Below are links to two popular online payment sites.  I have included the QR codes for convenience.  If you have the options, please be sure to include your name and a note (including your e-mail address, if possible) that you are making a donation to help us with this display.  I have included our account information for each service. 

Thank you for helping us share this display in this most challenging time in our recent history!


PAYPAL - account:                   


VENMO - account: 8184000675 or 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Nortons!