Norton Family Tree

Compiled by

Richard E. Norton, Jr.

January 7, 2020


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Welcome to the NORTON FAMILY TREE genealogy website.  The information contained in these pages has been obtained from various family members, as well as from various web resources, and is believed accurate.  However, please let me know of any information that needs to be corrected, added or deleted. 

I want to particularly mention the valuable contribution of my cousin, Ted Norton, who was able to provide me with information from the entries in the family record section of a Hebrew-English prayer book.  This book appears to have been purchased in the 1880's by Moses Norton, and kept up after his death by other family members, particularly Helen Norton.

To quote from Ted's notes,

"The family name was originally Nathan.  The first entries are in Hebrew.  A translation reads, 'My dear late mother Zolda born in Warsaw in 1803' - died in 1853, and 'Moses Nathan, my dear late father, born in Lublin in 1801' - died in 1872."

I was pleasantly surprised in March 2010 to hear from a cousin I never knew I had - Mel Roberts.  Mel is a descendent of Samuel Norton (who I had not discovered in my prior searching!).  Mel shared with me a wealth of information on part of the Norton history that had escaped my research. 

I have also had the pleasure of hearing from two other "lost cousins" in early 2010 - Stephanie Nordlinger and Jan-Joy Sax - who have contributed information concerning this ancestry - particularly with Samuel's line (I was unaware of his existence  before 2010). 

To make this website as interesting as possible, photographs of many of the family members may be viewed by clicking on the Family Picture Albums link above.  The pictures are grouped by family lines to make their viewing more meaningful.  If you have additional photographs that you believe would be a nice addition to the albums, please scan them into a JPG file and E-mail them to me (a link to my E-mail address is at the bottom of this page), along with a description of the photograph (who is in it, when it was taken, and where....), and which album(s) I should add them to.

This genealogy begins with MOSES and ZOLDA NORTON (approximately 1800).   Each generation is represented by its own color.   The first two generations are discussed on this page.  All subsequent generations will be on that generation's own web page.  Be sure to check out each generation's family picture album.  Pictures are being scanned and added often (it is a BIG task to do this!).  So, check back periodically to view the new additions!

Our journey begins with Moses and Zolda - the FIRST of NINE generations (counting my great grandchildren today as the Ninth generation).



MOSES NATHAN was born in Lublin, Poland in 1801, and died 1872.  His wife, ZOLDA, was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1803 and died in 1854.  As noted in the introduction, their last name was NATHAN.   When "Moses Jr." came to America with his wife, Deborah, they apparently changed their last name to NORTON.    The notes I read refer to Ellis Island as the port of entry.  However, in the 1850, all immigration was through Castle Garden (in New York).     I have been trying to confirm this with immigration records, but so far, I have not been able to prove the port and time of their entry.  Most of the information we have on Moses and Zolda is from their son, Moses (Jr.).


MOSES and ZOLDA NATHAN had four children (Moses, Isaac, Samuel and Esther), 

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Note:  We have no pictures (yet) of Moses or Zolda. 

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