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January 20, 2020

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Welcome to the THOMAS-TAYLOR FAMILY genealogy website.  The information contained in these pages has been obtained from various family members, as well as from various web resources, and is believed accurate.  However, please let me know of any information that needs to be corrected, added or deleted.  I have left out some vital information on relatives who are still living for privacy reasons.

This page is under construction.  Accordingly, some links may not work.  Data will be added as further information is obtained from family and web resources.   

We will begin this tree with the oldest descendent we were able to identify from historical letters passed down though generations.  I obtained this information from my mother, MARJORIE NORTON.  I will begin with the first generation.



We know little about HENRY except that he was killed in the Revolutionary War.  He and his wife (unknown) gave birth to a son, CORNELIUS VAN CUREN.  HENRY may have had additional children.   I did locate information on the web about the VAN CUREN ancestry.  It can be read here:  I am unable to confirm that this is the same Van Curen line.   On that website, there is reference to the possibility that the original spelling may have been VAN KEUREN.



As we know the story, CORNELIUS came to America from Holland.  He allegedly left on account of some political row.  CORNELIUS married the daughter of Lord McPherson  – ELIZABETH MERRIMAN.  The MERRIMAN family ancestors came over from England to Virginia in the 16th century with LORD BALTIMORE and great grandfather ALEXAN MERRIMAN.  They were one of the first settlers and founders of BINGHAMPTON, NEW YORK.

CORNELIUS was killed in a sawmill accident when he was 42.  He had a daughter, ROXANA LOUISE VAN CUREN who married EDWARD THOMAS.  There is additional information available on the following website:



ROXANA was born January 4, 1831 and died November 13, 1915.  She is buried in St. Paul, Minnesota.   ROXANA married EDWARD SAVAGE THOMAS on June 22, 1851.  Their picture is below (from the above website):

ROXANA and EDWARD had the following children:

(1)  ZENAS H. THOMAS.  He died April 15, 1945 in Bald Eagle, Minnesota. He married Edith (last name unknown).

(2)  CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH THOMAS.  She was born August 28, 1854 in Charles City, Iowa, and died November 30, 1945 in Los Angeles, California.  She married James Edward Taylor on April 29, 1869 in Waverly, Iowa.

(3)  LEE S. THOMAS.  He was a prominent attorney is Los Angeles, CA, and became a judge.

The following information was obtained from the family tree link above:

Lee Thomas was in business with Perry. They had a bus line in the Los Angeles area. When Perry and his family went to the State Fair in Sacramento one year, Lee stole the family business and left town. This is what has been reported by Ardelle, daughter of Perry.

Norma reports that she thinks Lee was an attorney. He was well thought of in L.A. and had a huge funeral with a lot of well-known people attending. He was buried, she thinks, in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale.

(4) CHARLES E. THOMAS.  No information is available.

(5) JENNIE THOMAS.  She married WILL WRAY and had one daughter - ISABEL.

ROXANA had a sister - EMILY THOMAS.  ROXANA is my mother's - MARJORIE ELIZABETH NORTON - great grandmother 



He died April 15, 1945 in Bald Eagle, Minnesota.  He married EDITH (maiden name unknown).  EDITH was born in Osage, Iowa, and died November 10, 1960 in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. They had the following three children:

(a)  PAUL CHASE THOMAS – son.  PAUL was born in St. Paul, Iowa around 1892, and died April 30, 1981, St. Paul, Minnesota.  PAUL married  RUTH VAN DUZEE, born in Minnesota, who died August 14, 1981 in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. 

They had two children - VIRGINIA RUTH THOMAS, born July 14, 1921 and died in 1986, and ELIZABETH THOMAS, .  VIRGINIA married  FRED TRAUTZ and they had two (2) children.   ELIZABETH married twice - first to FRED COLLATZ, and then to THOMAS KREBSBACH.  ELIZABETH and FRED had four (4) children.

(b)  ELISABETH THOMAS – daughter.  ELIZABETH married Robert WeinhagenThey had two children - ROBERT WEINHAGEN and THOMAS WEINHAGEN.

(c)  ROXANA THOMAS - daughter.  ROXANNA died in 1978. She was married twice - first to Harlan "Pat" Henry, and then to Sherwood Haas.  ROXANA and HARLAN had a son - John Henry, who was born on May 30, 1933.


She married JAMES E. TAYLOR.  JAMES died at his home at 3025  S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles on April 27, 1912 at age 61, and was buried on April 30, 1912 at Rosedale Cemetery, Inglewood, California.

According to Marjorie Norton, CHARLOTTE almost always wore some decoration at the neck of her dress.  CHARLOTTE went by the nickname of "Lottie."

CHARLOTTE and JAMES had the following seven children:

(A)  GRACE TAYLOR. GRACE was born April 8, 1872 in Charles City, Iowa.  GRACE married PAUL LEDFORD CRANE, and they had seven (7) children: 


(a) Ellen Grace Lee, born on January 21, 1914, in Los Angeles, California, and died on February 21, 1998, Lodi, California.  Ellen   married Albert "Al" John Fred Prante (her 2nd marriage).  They had two children - Janice Lee Prante and Eloise "Ellie" Anne Prante.  JAN has been working on her genealogy site for many years, and it has a significant amount of family history!

        (b) Francis Lee, born on August 29, 1919, in Los Angeles, California, and died on July 23, 1996, Redland, California.

        (c) Harold Lee, born on January 09, 1926, in Los Angeles, California.  He lived at one time in Joshua Tree, California near Norma. 
        He died around 2005.  His wife passed away a few years before him.  They were great bowlers going all over participating in tournaments.


(B)  PERRY EDWARD TAYLOR.  PERRY was born March 7, 1874 in Charles City, Iowa.  He married MYRTA AGNES WARE, and they had the following children:


(C)  HARRY TAYLOR.  HARRY died as a young child at age 6. 

(D)  CLYDE HERBERT TAYLOR – son.  CLYDE was born January 29, 1875.


ZENAS was born August 24th (but the year is unknown!).  He married KATHERINE "KIT" PHILLIPS.   ZENAS and KIT had the following children:

1.  CORNELIA - daughter

2.  PHILLIPS - son

(F)  ROY TAYLOR.  ROY died in infancy at age 2 when he choked on a wood screw.


FERN was born April 30, 1885 in Charles City, Iowa.  She passed away in MARCH 1979 at the age of 93 in Los Angeles, California.  FERN (who had the nickname "Gaga") lived at 811 Coronado Terrace, Los Angeles, California.  She is buried at Forest Lawn in Glendale, CA.  FERN was married three times, and had four (4) children:

FERN lost her citizenship after marriage to ALEXANDER KARNBACH because he was German.  She later had to take an oath of allegiance to once again become an American citizen.  FERN and ALEX discovered that their first marriage in 1911 was not legal because the person performing the marriage ceremony was not authorized to do so.  They were re-married in 1913 to make their marriage “legal.”

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At this point, I will branch into five separate family sub-trees following the JAMES TAYLOR - CHARLOTTE THOMAS line.  Click on any of the following children to proceed to that family tree continuation page.  This part of the site is under development.



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