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Dick Norton, Enrolled Agent and Tax Resolution Specialist



The best way to contact me for assistance with the resolution of your IRS or State tax controversy (such as an audit, a collection action [offer-in-compromise (OIC), collection due process (CDP), collection appeal program (CAP), trust fund recovery penalty (TFRP)] or appeal of an adverse audit or collection determination), consultation, or for the preparation of personal income tax returns, is via e-mail (see my business card below).  

I monitor my E-mail during the day, so I should be able to get back to you within a few hours, or 24-hours at the longest.  You may also call my office at: (818) 842-5927 or send a fax to:  (818) 845-6031.

NOTE - after living for 50 years in Burbank, CA, we have relocated to Santa Clarita, CA - about 23 miles north-west of Burbank (Santa Clarita is about 35 miles north-west of Los Angeles if you are not familiar with Southern California).  However, we continue to work substantially virtually (telephone, fax, e-mail, video chat [Zoom]) with clients and tax agencies (especially since the pandemic began).  Virtual communication has become very common in business and education.  Not only is it the safest way (health-wise) to communicate, it is fast and the least expensive (avoids drive time and gas!). 

When necessary, we will meet with clients and tax agency employees in our Santa Clarita office.  For taxpayers with disabilities who are within a reasonable commuting distance of Santa Clarita, we can consider meeting at your place of residence or business. 




Richard E. Norton, Jr., EA, FATP
Tax Resolution Specialist

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Updated: 10/21/22